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Flytipping Alert
3rd September 2018

What is fly-tipping?
Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of any waste or rubbish (greater than a single sack) anywhere other than at a licenced tip.

Why is fly-tipping a problem?
Fly-tipping is dangerous and potentially harmful, while also spoiling our environment, attracting arson and further fly-tipping. As council tax payers, cleaning it up costs us all money.

Do Shropshire Council remove all fly-tipping? I have noticed some fly-tipping - how can I get it removed?
Click on the "Report fly-tipping" button on this page, or phone 0345 678 9006, with a description of the waste, and a good description of the location (using permanent landmarks/property addresses).

I have witnessed someone fly-tipping waste - what can I do?
Click on the "Report fly-tipping" button on the Shropshire Council web page or phone 0345 678 9006. They will require dates, times and locations, a description of the person dumping waste, their vehicle (registration number, colour, make, model), and whether the person was approached. With sufficient information, they can write the person a warning letter, or bring them in for questioning under caution. They can investigate all fly-tipping on both public and private land, with the landowner's consent.

Photograph it - Report it - Stop it!


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